NO to software patents in Europe!!!
NEJ till mjukvarupatent i Europa!!!
More info on software patents: / Mer info om mjukvarupatent:

"Software is not manufactured, it is something you write and publish. Keep Europe free from software patents, we do not want censorship by patent law on written works."

MPlayer-Win32 (Unofficial)
Version: More or less current CVS snapshots

Jul 2005: Lutrafobic asked for a banner. If you want to link to this site or directly to you may use it freely on your site. The small image in the left is reused from (AFAIK made by Mechanik Fiveonetwo?).

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Jul 2005: Software patent directive stopped! More info on Fortunately this means that software can still to be written and published in Europe. Unfortunately the fight goes on and, even though this is a big win for democracy and freedom, the future is not secured for any programmer and his freedom of speech.

Jul 2005: About 270 GiB data downloaded from this site. Roughly 135.000 downloads of MPlayer.

Nov 2004: Reached about 150 GiB of data (50 GiB downloaded in one month).

Oct 2004: MPlayer has been downloaded more than 50.000 times (about 100 GiB of data) from this site (not counting all the copies distributed in other ways or all the other Win32 precompiled binaries available elsewhere)! :)